Grow Stronger Together

We are all born into this world with the capacity to love and be loved. We are all unique in our own way. Our character is shaped by the people we know, the events we experience, the mistakes we make, and the achievements we accomplish.

Our society has become even more divided. We must be more compassionate by learning how individuals wish to be identified, and that there are privileges placed on gender, race, religion, geography, and nationality. We need to take action against the longstanding injustice placed on people of color. It takes courage to admit fault and show understanding for one another.

Together, we can create change by extinguishing the flames of negative energy (hate and ignorance) and taking action to evolve into a positive energy (love and kindness) that binds us together as one. Love is greater than hate.

These are some designs based on this idea.

Bold Grow Stronger Together As One Black and White Face Mask
Classic Black and White GrOw StroNger TogEther T-Shirt
Pride Rainbow Ring Grow Stronger Together Unisex All-Over-Print Tank Top
Rainbow Stripe Pride Grow Stronger Together Button

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