Keeping kids engaged in remote learning

When Schools went to remote learning from the coronavirus pandemic. Our goal of keeping the kids engaged in learning has been the biggest challenge. They were used to going to school and learning from teachers. There was a schedule and expectations in place. All that went away in remote learning.

We have to Be Fierce!
Our kids do not take direction from us the same way they do teachers. They know what buttons to push and are not afraid to push them! Being home has always been a break from school. The lines between work and play have blurred for our kids and us.

It’s easy to get frustrated having to balance so much. What do you do when your on the phone with a client, one child is concentrating on a zoom meeting and the other is shouting “I don’t understand, I don’t understand!”? Well, we usually argue and debate why we have to do school work, and stay on task. We are not perfect. We have to be relentless in our approach while understanding this is a struggle for them too.

Find your strength, you got this! Keep encouraging kids to be strong and understand we are all in this together. Create a routine and stick with it. Be sure to keep your kids connected with friends, they miss being social too!

To help keep kids motivated, I’ve created a collection of classroom products in my zazzle store that feature simple cat and dog illustrations with positive motivating phrases that encourage students to be fierce, be brave, be honest, be humble, be curious, and be gracious. Always Be Yourself!

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