Christmas Haiku

This holiday, why not send a Christmas Haiku?

The Haiku originated in Japan as poem that contains seventeen syllables and consisted of three phrases. It is composed with three lines and the first line contains five syllables. The second line contains seven syllable and the third line contains five syllables. In traditional Japanese the phrases contain a “Kireji”, which is a word that cuts the current stream of thought and creates a connection
to the following or preceding phrases. A modern English Haiku does not always use a Kireji.

The fun part about a Haiku poem is that it does not have to rhyme and does not have to be complete sentences. So they are great fun for young kids to do. It’s also great way to teach phonics to young students by clapping out the syllables. Have fun with it!

Here are a couple of my Christmas Haiku poem:

Modern Snowman Haiku:
Let it snow tonight
We believe this Christmas Eve
Snowmen come to life

Modern Christmas Haiku Trees:
Merry Christmas trees
And all the stars are bright
On this Winters night

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